Once upon a time, before revolutionizing cartoons with “South Park” and completely dominating Broadway with “The Book of Mormon”, Trey Parker was just another film student at University of Colorado at Boulder. It was there, Trey would give birth to his twisted brainchild, Cannibal! The Musical, the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America – Alferd Packer. Trey wrote, produced, directed, composed and even played the leading role in his first film endeavor.

The film began as a three minute fake trailer, made for an advanced film production class. Trey joked that he was going to make the actual film. Friends and classmates were so enthused by the concept that Trey decided that he would actually go for it.

Together with fellow students Matt Stone, Jason McHugh and Ian Hardin, Avenging Conscience Inc. was formed. They raised $75,000 from private investors, friends and family to start shooting “Alferd Packer: The Musical”. They employed fellow students as cast members, played roles themselves and even stepped behind the camera when necessary. From concept to completion the film took just over a year to come together.

In 1996, Troma Video renamed the film and began distribution of Cannibal! The Musical. Soon enough, it was racing through the underground film circuit like wildfire. It was only a matter of time until comic thespians reached out to the authors and inquired about an adapted stage version. In 1998, Cannibal! The Musical saw its first live performance at Sierra College. Soon, companies from around the globe began adapting and presenting Cannibal! The Musical, including an extended run off-Broadway and a smash hit in 2008 at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

Later, Evil Dead, The Musical’s co-creator and director Christopher Bond, approached the authors with an offer to create a new full stage adaptation, complete with new music and score. Along with writing partner Trevor Martin who co-penned Night of the Living Dead Live and composer Aaron Eyre, a re-imagining of Cannibal was conceived and is now ready to be unleashed onto America and beyond! Shpadoinkle!