Inside Toronto : Bloorcourt actors promises no serious lessons in Cannibal! The Musical

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Audiences won’t walk away from Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical with a deeper meaning of life.

“There’s no message here. We’re not talking about race or politics,” Mark Andrada, one of the musical’s stars, told The Villager. “The show is just fun. It’s a funny, fun show.”

From the mind of South Park and The Book of Mormon creator, Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical is billed as “all singing, all dancing and all flesh eating.”

The musical, which continues at the Panasonic Theatre until Sunday, March 8, tells the true story of Alfred Packer, notorious for being the only person ever to be convicted of cannibalism in the U.S.

Packer guides a group of miners hailing from Utah, who are on a search for gold in the Colorado Territory. During its quest, the group encounters trappers and native peoples amid lots of tomfoolery before getting lost in the Rocky Mountains. When discovered days later, Packer is the only one to be found and the sheriff arrests him for cannibalism.

Like most of the cast, Andrada plays multiple roles, including a Swan, Victim/Juror 3, Nutter, Indian Chief, The Executioner, and Cherub 1.

“You want to make the characters as defined as possible,” the Bloorcourt-area resident said.

Like most of the cast, Andrada’s resume includes sketch comedy and musical theatre. He is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning director, performer and writer, who has performed puppetry with The Canadian Opera Company, clowned with Canadian Stage and Zero Gravity Circus and at Clownz, a comedy club in Quezon City, Philippines. He’s performed sketch comedy as a member of The Second City and as a guest at The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. He has appeared on such shows as Covert Affairs, Almost Heroes and Wonderfalls and movies like Fever Pitch.

“It’s funny to be doing a musical. I started doing musical theatre in high school,” said the Scarborough born and raised Andrada. “That’s the path I thought I’d take.”

However, Andrada says he likes to follow the path of least resistance.

“I stopped taking dance and voice lessons. I knew I could go on stage and not sweat so much,” he said with a laugh.

He says he always knew he’d become an actor. He’s always done a bit of comedy, including stand-up, as well.

“When you’re successful at comedy, it’s an immediate reaction,” Andrada said. “If you’re successful you’re getting laughs right away.”

Cannibal! The Musical is getting rave reviews, he said. During a recent performance, the audience gave a partial standing ovation – mid show.

“The show’s a lot of fun. We’re having a lot of fun doing it. We all get along,” Andrada said. “We’re running around playing pranks on each other.”

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