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CANNIBAL! The Musical is an absolute must-see. From the weird and wonderful mind of Trey Parker, (South Park, Book of Mormon) the musical takes place during a treacherous mission through the mountains gone awry, as told by Alfred Packer, sole survivor and suspected cannibal. Parker wrote the musical in his university years, prior to the notorious cartoon South Park, and it has much of the same ludicrous charm. The musical is certainly not or the faint of heart and better watched before your dinner, but absolutely worth the price of admission. Here are 4 reasons to see CANNIBAL! The Musical!

1) Excellent Use of a Simple Set

One of the most striking things about the musical is the set design. Scenes convincingly take the viewer from jail, to the mountaintops, to a small-town public execution with fairly minimal switches to the backdrop. A memorable scene in which the group of hiking miners has to cross a river is acted out with a long blue piece of material, with the actors and puppet fish bobbing up and down behind it. The hilarious scene was imaginative, simple, and well executed.

2) Songs with titles like, “Shpadoinkle” and “When I was on Top of You”

Alfred Packer (Liam Tobin) is the musical’s protagonist, a lovably ditzy gold miner with a creepy adoration for his “best friend” Liane the horse. At one point in the play Liane disappears, prompting a sex-laden ballad from Packer about how life was so much better when he was on top of her.

“Your eyes, your smile
Made my little life worthwhile.
The sky was a lot more blue,
When I was on top of you.”

Tobin had the audience in stitches performing this number, which somehow reminded me of SNL’s “Dick in a Box” skit for all the hip laughable hip gyrating. This musical will definitely have you reciting some of the weirdest rhyming phrases you’ve ever heard through a gigantic smile!

3) Unforgettable Characters

Master of the bizarre, it is no surprise that Trey Parker’s musical is packed full of strange and memorable characters. This play has a lovable, one-eyed, freakishly tall war veteran named Cyclops (Tim Porter), who squirts water from the missing eye when he gets riled up (sometimes onto lucky audience members). The Trappers, an aggressive trio hunting in the mountains, don tutus and plie through a dream sequence in which they steal Packer’s horse. The gruff group moved with grace and stole the scene with their captivating antics.

4) Liam Tobin

In addition to being extremely talented, Liam Tobin (Alfred Packer) is absolute eye-candy. Even the daintiest of ladies would surely stomach the gore in CANNIBAL! The Musical to see Tobin perform as the charmingly air-headed lead. The women (and a few men, too) around me gasped and giggled through a scene where Tobin strips down his undershirt, giving me the feeling that this musical will definitely be suggested for a girls’ night or two before closing night.

Check out for more information. The play runs until Sunday, March 8th, 2015.

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